Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Every Soldier Photo-Film

We’re delighted that the Every Soldier has a Story photo-film is now up online on the project page. Have you seen it yet? We hope you like it. Thanks to everyone who took part!

People have been very imaginative; there are ambitious hoplites, peace-loving hoplites, musician, farmer, athlete and mercenary hoplites. For grammar-lovers, there all sorts of approaches to expressing hoplite-ness too.

A big shout-out to Lifo for running a piece about the project: http://www.lifo.gr/team/evrymata/50764 We were really pleased to have hoplites arriving from Greece.

The animation itself is coming along well. The main story has been completed and it’s time for little details to be finalised. The music promises to be really special; composer John White of the Thiasos Theatre Company is putting his musical genius to work creating tracks especially for Every Soldier has a Story.

In just over a month (17th Oct) it will be time for the project’s launch event – an evening of live music, animation, and fun. This is the first music and vase-animation have been combined together for a live event – don’t miss it! See the project page for details.

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