Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Pottery in Cambridge

A new term is here again. We've had an interesting summer at Panoply. We've been making progress on with some lovely animations that we're looking forward to sharing with you in the not-too-distant future, and we've been getting creative in the community with young people in Cambridge thanks to some fun events at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. We have a couple of nice pictures from those events below and we're also celebrating a super exhibition that's been in town – Jennifer Lee's The Potter's Space at Kettle's Yard. As we love a bit of pottery, here are a few highlights from the exhibition...

Jennifer Lee is from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. She trained in ceramics at the Edinburgh College of Arts and the Royal College of Arts. Her works are influenced by ancient pottery, particularly that of Native American cultures and ancient Egypt. Many of her pots are unglazed and she typically begins with a pinch pot to which coils of clay are gradually added. As you can see, her pots feature beautiful subdued colours and intriguing shapes. The exhibition, curated by Sarah Griffin of Kettle's Yard, brought together pots from all eras of Lee's work and included a short video of Lee working in her studio:

Above, Jennifer Lee at work

Above, pots by Jennifer Lee beautifully exhibited in Kettle's Yard

Above, upstairs in the gallery sketch books and other images gave a fascinating insight into the planning behind the pots

Hats off to Kettle's Yard (https://www.kettlesyard.co.uk/) for an interesting exhibition that demonstrates the vibrant world of modern pottery.

...and as promised, a couple of cheery images from Panoply activities over the summer...

Above, Kronos eats his children(!)

...and Achilles kills Penthesilea the Amazon Queen.