Thursday, 24 October 2013

Panoply and the Iris Project

This week, Panoply is delighted to be featured in the Iris Project’s web magazine, Iris Online. The Iris Project is a superb educational charity that supports the promotion of classical languages and culture to children and teenagers. As such, the article (written by Sonya) is aimed at teenagers. It explains what we’ve been doing at Panoply and offers suggestions for vase-related storyboarding activities. You can find it (along with lots of other interesting articles) at:

The Iris Project has just opened The East Oxford Community Classics Centre, hosted by Cheney School. The Classics Centre will be a vibrant new Classics learning venue for people of all ages to attend events, workshops, lessons, and exhibitions. We’re looking forward to attending their opening celebration this evening, a highlight of which will be a talk by Prof. Mary Beard. Check out the array of enticing forthcoming events at:

Our thanks also go out to the Classics Library for their feature on Panoply: The Classics Library provides news, info, and resources for classics teachers. If you haven’t already, look them up!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lifo: Panoply featured in Greek Media

We’re very proud that Panoply featured recently in an article in the Greek publication The article is in a column, written by Dr Vasiliki Pliatsika (ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ ΠΛΙΑΤΣΙΚΑ), that celebrates ‘objects, people and stories from the world of antiquity’. Dr Pliatsika praises the Ure Discovery project as a fresh and inviting way to enjoy ancient vases. In less than a month, more than 20,000 people have watched the animations and the article has been picked up and re-posted by bloggers and news-sites around the world. So a big ‘hello’ if you’re a new visitor, and a μεγάλο ‘γεια σε’ to all our Greek visitors. You can read the article in Dr Pliatsika’s column at: