Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Panoply Vase Animations in the Long Night of the Museums.

All over Europe, museum-lovers have been gathering for night-time celebrations of the collections and activities in Europe’s wonderful museums.

At Panoply, Steve and I have been delighted that some of our vase animations have been included in these splendid events. In Germany, 40 museums took part in Leipzig’s annual event, The Long Night of the Museums. Panoply’s involvement came via a special vase animation screening at Leipzig University’s Institute of Classical Archaeology and Antiquities Museum. The screening, including Hoplites! Greeks at War, Heracles, and The Cheat, gave visitors a chance to see vase scenes come to life and invited them to look afresh at the ancient vases in the museum’s collection. An elegant, neoclassical hall provided a charming backdrop to this celebration of classical culture.

This screening of Panoply animations was the brainchild of Dr. Hans-Peter Müller, who is a researcher at the Leipzig Museum of Antiquities, with specialism in modern conservation and restoration practices, particularly work with casts of ancient statues. The event was hosted by Marco Blechschmidt, an archaeology postgraduate student at the University of Leipzig. Marco provided an insightful commentary throughout the evening, giving an introduction to the Panoply Project, explaining the mythological and historical background to the animations, and presenting information on the vases the animations were made from. The event was attended by young and old proving once again that no one is too young for the beauty of ancient vases or too old for the joy of animation.

If you’d like to get involved in the Long Night of the Museums, visit the project website to find out about Long Night 2016 and to see images of other events from this year.

If you’d like to license vase animations for your museum or gallery, feel free to get in touch via our contacts page.

In other news, the winner of the Irish Schools Storyboarding Competition has been chosen. Photos and a full account will follow soon. Watch this space or follow us on Twitter (via the link above) or Facebook for updates.