Thursday, 11 April 2013

Classical Association Conference Follow-Up

Pleased to say that Sonya’s paper on the Ure View project went down very well at the Classical Association Conference. The British Museum’s Ian Jenkins was very positive about the animations all together, calling the moment when Achilles pulls down his helmet in Clash ‘a profoundly Greek moment’, which highlights the persona switch between warriors at play and warriors at war. Dr Carrie Vout, from the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge University, suggested a strand of teaching that invites discussion of the difference between static and narrative representations; definitely an idea with huge potential. The third piece key piece of feedback came from a member of the audience who suggested their use amongst pupils who have difficulty with literacy. This was very welcome feedback, and I’m glad to say that we have already found that the visual focus of these animations has made them popular amongst pupils with those specific needs. The current Ure Discovery project also involves Steve developing stories and storyboards with pupils at a special needs school. The lack of a language element also means that the animations work well internationally and it’s been pleasing to hear of them being used in Greek schoolrooms.

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